Tote Bag Paint Party

Come paint with us, experiencing your very own fun and creative Tote Bag Paint pARTy. Our Tote Bag Paint pARTies are unique. You cannot only paint your own beautiful image, but you also will now have a personalized tote bag to use when shopping, at the beach or in school.

They also are a perfect special gift for friends or family. Choose any image from our showcase of paintings. All our materials will be supplied, including tote bags, brushes, paints, table cloths & aprons. We also have a wireless microphone system if necessary. Customized images can also be designed by our Master Artist in a simplified format.

The event demonstration by our artist are simple and easy to follow, stressing important information and guidelines about the process. Listening is key to a successful finished product. No artistic experience necessary!

Contact Information: Jacqui Cusumano
Dual Certified Teacher/Artist

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