About Mastropolo Arts

Mastropolo Arts ® is a family owned business. Michael Mastropolo is a self-employed Professional Artist/Illustrator and his daughter, Jacqui Cusumano is a Dual Certified Teacher/Artist. Mastropolo Arts is a unique studio specializing in the finest high-quality art work. Our expertise in perspective color and design makes our artwork truly "One of a kind." Keats once wrote, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever," so why not get the finest artwork available? Our dedication to achieve the highest standards in our work makes us sought after by the serious minded client, who has that certain flair for the finest art. This discipline is carried over to our services in the social art culture, making our Paint Events truly "One of a kind." Our philosophy and skillset makes us stand alone in the social art world. We are fast becoming one of the most popular companies in the region. Don't hesitate to make the dream of your Paint Event become a reality!

Contact Information:
Jacqui Cusumano
Dual Certified Teacher/Artist

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Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/mastropoloartgallery/
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